Independent Schools


Independent Schools

At Bradbury Consulting, our experience in the education sector gives us a detailed understanding of the challenges that independent schools continue to face.

This ensures that we can provide a tailored and bespoke service to all of our independent school clients, whether responding to essential maintenance requirements or remodelling their premises.

We’re always a one-stop-shop for all the property needs of our education clients. Our service includes:

Architectural Design and Project Management

Each of the new build and refurbishment solutions we provide to our independent school clients are innovative, cost-effective and cater to the unique requirements of the premises and needs of the school.

We tap into our wide ranging experience of architectural design consultancy and project management in the education sector to ensure we define the exact requirements for each individual school. By collaborating with our clients from the beginning of each of our projects we are able to implement a solution that offers the best value to the school. On every single project, we coordinate the design team and deliver the project from start to finish.

Each of our independent school clients require bespoke innovative design solutions. We always ensure that we provide this, within programme and on budget.

Property Management

We provide independent schools with a flexible, tailored and highly-responsive property management service.

Our property management team includes a dedicated property management consultant for each school, ensuring that all our clients have the same point of contact to look after their individual needs each day.

By working closely with the management team of each of our schools, we ensure that they have essential assistance when it comes to Health & Safety Building Maintenance, as well as expert advice on statutory requirements. Everything we do is designed to alleviate the daily pressures that schools continue to face.


We can provide you with a free consultation meeting to discuss the capital application process and your schools qualifying position allowing you, with the governing body, to make an informed decision and ultimately progress the application.

To find out more call us on 01625 522 209 or make an enquiry today.