Capital Funding Consultancy

Capital Funding Consultancy

We understand all of the funding issues that schools and academies face when it comes to updating and improving their premises. We also have excellent knowledge of the public funding streams that are available in the sector and their approval processes.

This means that we are ideally placed to assist our clients in securing successful funding applications. We also have a proven track record in doing so.

At Bradbury Consulting, we work closely with our schools and follow a strict process that focuses on two areas:

  • School Development Plans
  • Capital Funding Bids

School Development Plans

Our initial service centres on the preparation and implementation of a School Development Plan. This means that we will work closely with the school to identify their short-term and long-term development and maintenance needs.

We will then attribute projected costs and map out a core plan to develop their premises in line with their objectives.

Capital Funding Bids

Following an agreement on the development plan by all parties we will submit a capital bid to the relevant authority or DFE to secure capital funding, including:

  • Condition Improvement Fund (CIF)
  • Local Authority
  • Multi Academy Trusts (MATS)

We find that our best working relationships with our clients come with collaboration and a thorough understanding of their operational model from start to finish. The creation of school development plans and capital funding bids are just the first step for us.

It’s for this reason why we provide both of these services at no charge to the school. We are confident in our process, experience, and proven history of securing funding, knowing that it is just the beginning of the ongoing commitment to our schools.


We can provide you with a free consultation meeting to discuss the capital application process and your schools qualifying position allowing you, with the governing body, to make an informed decision and ultimately progress the application.

To find out more call us on 01625 522 209 or make an enquiry today.